Meet the Azwell team

Our instructors will help you achieve your personal fitness goals, whether it’s reshaping your body, improving your flexibility, reducing stress or relearning to move after injury.


“ Life is what you make of it. It always has been and it always will be.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Movement has always been an essential part of my life. As soon as I could walk, I explored movement through different disciplines that shaped my body, built my character and developed my mind. Early on, I learned rigor from ballet, strength from snowboarding, precision from yoga and body control from Pilates.

Understanding how our bodies work, and controlling them, is essential if we are to enjoy ourselves, manage our limits, progress and become efficient. I’ve sensed this need in our clients, to understand movement in order to connect with their bodies and ultimately feel better.

As a pilates, yoga and movement enthusiast, I share my experience and passion to offer you a fun and positive experience that will change your habits. One that will gradually free you from your own limitations and open you up to the innate intelligence of the body that lies within each of us, bringing us serenity and energy.

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  • Lolita San Miguel Pilates Master & Educator
  • Yoga Iyengar®


“There are no problems, only solutions” -Newt Loken

As soon as I started artistic gymnastics at the age of 9, I quickly fell in love with the training sessions and the sensations on the various apparatus, and I soon had the desire to become a top-level athlete. Perseverance, intensity and emotion describe the next 20 years, which saw me become an international athlete for Canada and the American university circuit, as well as coach the Canadian junior team and Toronto’s elite young athletes.

I’m passionate about movement. It’s a game that allows you to take what you have and make it what you want, to develop your autonomy, manage your attitude and excel in your sport.

I believe in human potential and adaptability. I use my knowledge and experience to help my students recover from injury, progress towards their goals and feel fit. I love this exchange so that everyone can learn about their bodies and discover new possibilities with pleasure.

  • Bachelor Exercice Sports Science (Michigan, USA)
  • MBA (IMD, Suisse)


Véro is a pilates & golf addict. Calm, warm and ready to talk!

A lifelong golf enthusiast, the Pilates practice she’s been consuming for 15 years has become her next journey. She’ll make you feel all the layers of abs on your body, even the ones you didn’t know you had!

Otherwise, the rest of her time is spent on the golf course and in competition!

  • Pilates Lolita’s Legacy
  • Handicap de golf 13



Maude is a former dancer and ab expert

After a few years of performing, she decided to study at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne.

Maude became a Pilates teacher after several years in the corporate world.

She is also a trainer of the Tupler Technique, a rehabilitation program for closing diastasis, the spread of abdominal muscles.

You’ll find Maude in fun, dynamic floor classes with her slight obsession for abs 😜.

  • Diastasis rehabilitation expert
  • Pilates & Barre teacher


Karine is passionate about the human body! Freshly graduated from Lolita’s Legacy Training, she’s a bubbly spirit who’ll introduce you to lots of new exercises.

Karine is also a massage therapist, offering massages such as lymphatic drainage, reflexology and therapeutic massage.

Teaching Pilates came naturally with this desire to soothe, correct and bring well-being to others. Her English is beginner but she’s super eager to learn !

  • Pilates Lolita’s Legacy
  • Massotherapist


A lifelong sports enthusiast, Patricia spent hours on Switzerland’s ice rinks to reach the B national team and the titles of Swiss junior and cadet champion.

The need to feel useful and pass on her passion for movement made her turn her back on the corporate world of luxury to focus on Pilates, which she has been teaching for 13 years.

Alternatively, you can find her in the mountains, hurtling down the slopes with her children!

  • Pilates training


Valentina discovered Yoga during her studies in medicine, looking for ways to cope with the growing stress.

For her, Yoga became much more than a simple practice. It gave her an essential tool to manage stress during her studies, and today, as a doctor, it enables her to let go on a daily basis in a demanding profession.

She has now found a balance between her work and teaching yoga. Convinced of the importance of physical activity in maintaining this balance, she also practices pilates and weight training.

Her favorite postures are the pigeon and the cartwheel. Valentina will take you through a Hatha style yoga flow while taking care of you and your posture. She will also focus on your breathing and your well-being.

  • Hatha Yoga